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AİR Ionİsers / Dr. bİo-TRON

Product Description
Health Care bio-TRON For All Living Creatures...
Contributes to vital energy by emitting () ions to living environments.. BRICARD's LAW "the Air with the adequate () ion content is the Air with the least or non contamination which will also remain same..." Prof. Jacques BRETON
Univercity Bordeaux Faculty of Sciences
Asthma, migraine, libido loss, insomnia, depression, neurosis, inadequate respiration, allergy, fatigue, high blood pressure, skin disorder,
aging, headache, rheumatism, arthritis, anxiety, eye irritations, poor concentration, baby growth...

Animal and Plantation&Green-House Farms;
Faster progress and improved, healthier productivity.

What are negative ions?
Ions are nothing more than atoms or molecules that have gained or lost an electron. Ions are formed when an electron is detached from a neutral molecule (or atom). The molecule losing an electron becomes a positive ions and the molecules gaining an electron becomes a NEGATIVE ION.

Why bio-TRON () Ion Generators/Air Ionizers?
Negative Ion generators or Air Ionizers emit a stream of negative ions. Negative ions collide with airborne moleculeswhich are large raft for
hundreds of toxic chemical and diseases organisms. The Negative Ion gives up its negative charge to the molecule. These new negative molecules
are then attracted to the positive molecules surrounding them. This accumulation process continues until the particles become heavy enough to
fall to the floor. It is this process that removes the small pollutant from the air we breathe. With an Air Ionizer the air is clean, NO

Almost all surfaces within a room are positively charged. In addition to the accumulation, the negatively charged air particles are attracted to positively charged surfaces within the occupied space. The surface near the ionizer will darken proving its effectiveness. Be sure the surface is washable.

Negative ions aid in increased oxygen intake. Research has been conducted since the 1950's about negative ions and improvement in mood,
anxiety, increased cognitive ability, increased energy, reduced depression, and improved sleep, as well as improvement in breathing and air
quality. One gets the feeling of alertness and vitality, similar to the feeling we get when we are in a beautiful forest or near a crashing
waterfall or breathing crisp, clean mountain air.


BREATH really better and avoid bacteria/virus reception,
FIGHT your allergies and your asthma,
REMOVE your STRESS and ODORS, micro particles, dust, smoke, ELECTROSTATIC EFFECTS,
VACUUM-CLEAN any industrial pollution on air,
BREATH really better and less tireness.

Applicable To Everywhere:
OfficesSurgery Rooms
Gymnastic Halls
Bed/Living Rooms
Rehabilitation/Reanimation Centers,
Cinema, Theater and All Indoor Environments.
All Vehicles
Animal Farms
Indoor Gardens-Greenhouses/Nursery.
Ionizers are hi-tech products, developed by the academical research for improved living conditions.

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